Hung-over and Under 30. New Audience?

26 May

Over this past weekend I watched a few too many hours of television. Many of my favorite shows are accompanied by commercials that target the audience of a single 20 to 30 year old who has late nights out on the town.

Personally, with graduation on the horizon and job hunting lurking around the corner, I usually do not like to associate myself with this crowd. To my surprise this crowd has a large following; companies like Dunkin Donuts and Mountain Dew are targeting this very audience in a very interesting way.

Both Dunkin Donuts and Amp Energy Drink from Mountain Dew share a core message:  Our product is the answer to your rough night.

Dunkin Donuts is promoting a new coffee drink to help get through a day after the “all night blowout.” Their commercial shows a few roommates cleaning up their house after a party while singing the lyrics, “all night blowout.” The roommates get through the cleaning while drinking a Dunkin Donuts beverage.

Amp Energy Drink also uses a musical number in their commercial that displays a large crowd joining together in the “walk of no shame” while sipping on their Amp Energy Drink. They also sing repeatedly that they “will not be ashamed” even though, as the commercial implies, they’ve made a few mistakes while under the influence.

These commercials give birth to a new target audience. Both products use actors of similar age, 20 to 30 years of age, and communicate the message of helping those “tired” after a hard night. I predict that many companies will be targeting this audience more and more. I just hope they will shy away from this trashy message and show these energy drinks as ways to help students study or business people prep before a presentation; that would be much more positive.

What other campaigns are currently targeting those under 30 years of age and in need of a hang-over cure?

One Response to “Hung-over and Under 30. New Audience?”

  1. Tiffany Derville June 1, 2008 at 3:20 pm #

    Sarah, I enjoyed reading about the details of these campaigns. I think your suggestions for the campaign are outstanding. You might want to read Allie Raney’s post about this too:

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