Baby Phat Struts Down The Twitter Runway

18 Feb


I hope everyone followed @BabyPhat on Twitter last night during their Fall ’09 show! The collection layered light-weight fabrics paired with stylish outerwear that were true to the feminine form. It was fun to experience the madness and excitement that goes on backstage from their perspective. I felt as if I were standing right next to their PR people at the show! @BabyPhat described the crowd,  the fashions, the make-up and even the after-party in real time. The tweets were very personal with statements like, “Kimora has arrived. She looks stunning!” and “10 minutes til show time!” @BabyPhat even used Flickr, shown below, to give people an insiders perspective.

Many readers have predicted this is just the beginning of scheduled Twitter sessions during large events. Jack with predicts that more labels will be utilizing Twitter this time next year and even posting video. Accessibility is key to building trust in an audience and Twitter is one of the best social media tools to employ. As I have said before, Twitter is on it’s way to changing the face of the fashion industry. Baby Phat is just one of many labels to make this intelligent change and bring their audience closer to the action.

babyphattwitter1 babyphattwitter2

2 Responses to “Baby Phat Struts Down The Twitter Runway”

  1. Jordana February 24, 2009 at 1:53 pm #

    Great post! I was on at an event during this, but it’s so cool to see fashion picking up on social media. Very promising for those of us who love fashion and PR.

  2. rhickok March 17, 2009 at 11:49 am #

    I love that Twitter is being used to generate behind-the scenes glimpses! I think it’s a great opportunity for companies to engage their audiences and also develop a more intimate persona. Fashion especially can make a great impact and has a lot to gain through social media.

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