Designer Spotlight: Gretchen

17 Mar

Last week, I was approached by the up-and-coming handbag label, Gretchen. The German label pays tribute to designer Anne-Christines’ roots in its German name, “Gretchen,” which means little pearl. In line with their name, the companies philosophy is “to create precious and exquisite accessories for ladies.”

The label has even taken the liking to Paris Hilton dedicating an entire page to her and the above handbag shown left. It’s important to note, leveraging a celebrity is a great use of PR to promote brand awareness.

Aside of fugitive short-lived fashion trends of the main stream market, Gretchen accessories have their own unmistakable and exclusive style that make them an object of desire for many seasons to come.

For more information about their Spring/Summer 2010 collection, check out their Web site at

One Response to “Designer Spotlight: Gretchen”

  1. Soyini March 18, 2010 at 9:59 am #

    Associating with a celebrity is a great use of PR to generate awareness. But their trying to link that fab clutch to Paris Hilton left a bad taste in my mouth. The wrong celebrity can be a big turn-off. Sometimes it can overshow the brand. Fortunately their bags look really lovely, so I’ll forgive their celebrity mistake.

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