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Kickin’ it Old School with AHPR

28 Apr

Last night, I had the pleasure of guest speaking via Skype with my alma mater’s student-run PR agency, Allen Hall Public Relations. I presented with my SHIFT colleague Allie Cefalo (@alliecefalo) about agency life and how to set yourself apart after graduating college.

It’s been an amazing journey from when I once was in the shoes of a student, but I’m not very far from that place. Even after college, I am constantly being challenged and learning new things. There is never a day where I’m not learning new ways of practicing PR from my colleagues.

Here are a few of tips Allie and I presented last night, which pertain to job searching as a recent grad:

  • Always keep your finger on the pulse. Even if you want to take time off after college, remember to blog or volunteer your PR services. Employers like to see someone who keeps their skills fresh.
  • Research the company you’re meeting. Be prepared to ask questions and offer up current information on the company.
  • Send thank-you cards and e-mail the potential employer when you see coverage of their client. It will show that you are already tapped in to their industry.
  • Prepare to show a portfolio of work; whether it be writing, design or even your social media skills.
  • Don’t be afraid to dive into a new industry. If you already have a love for PR, chances are you will enjoy more than one industry.

Curious about branding yourself? Wondering how a recent grad lives in a big city? Let me know if you have any questions!