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New Chapter

29 Jun

(View from the Edelman SF office)

It’s been a few weeks since my last blog entry, but I’m happy to say things are up and running and you’ll have more blogging coming your way!

I’ve recently joined the Edelman Digital team in San Francisco. Already in my second week at the office, it’s been an amazing experience learning from the best in the biz and honing in on my social media skills. For up-to-the-minute social media, consumer and fashion news, follow me on Twitter @ConsumingPR. Talk to you soon!

Product Spotlight: Fruitz Watches

7 Jun

Fruitz Watches recently approached me with information on their 24 summer colors featuring delicious flavors like raspberry, lychee, golden pear and melon.

Not only are these watches fun and fresh for a bold summer statement, they have natural frequency technology allowing wearers to sleep better at night, maintain increased focus during the day and reduce overall stress levels. Pretty remarkable!

This added value seemed to good to be true, so I asked the company’s rep to explain further:

“The natural frequency technology is delivered to wearers through a metal disk inside the watch that has been infused with key frequencies in a proprietary process.  When worn on the wrist, the watch exposes frequencies and information to the bio-field of the person wearing it. The bio-field, which is the Master energy field that regulates the body’s functions, informs the body to relax, and in doing so, the person becomes more resistant and resilient to stress. When wearing a Fruitz frequency watch you are more in harmony with natural earth, centered and grounded.”

If you’re looking to de-stress your life through fashion, you can find Fruitz at, Bloomingdales and Nordstrom for $225.