Swagapalooza: “Most Awesome” Blogger Event

25 Apr


This month, I had the opportunity to attend Swagapalooza, an event held for “bloggers, tweeters, and digital influencers…in San Francisco to judge five-minute auditions from the creators of the latest, greatest, and most unexpected new products.”

You’re probably all familiar with meetups, tweetups, press junkets, sponsored blogger events, etc. But, Swagapalooza is different in the fact that they give small businesses a chance to come together, consolidate resources and put on a large blogger event similar to those put on by more well-known brands.

In my opinion, this is a pretty genius idea as the Bay Area is known for being a hot bed for startups; however, many of these startups and small businesses are behind closed doors. Similar to what Thread Show does for emerging fashion designers, Swagapalooza helps businesses break out of their incubators and gain exposure to potential stakeholders.

This month’s Swagapalooza was kicked off by keynote speaker Justin Kan (@JustinKan), founder of Justin.TV. Justin gave a moving speech about going for your dreams and pursuing whatever you might think is “awesome.” Here’s a live tweet that sums it up:

Justin then handed the mic over to MC and Swagapalooza Director Alex Krupp (@AlexKrupp) who introduced an assortment of new brands: Two Degrees, Sabøteur, Amerilab Tech, FlingsBins, Grubwith.us, Transcendent Man, Boom Boom! Revolution, SourFlour, Waboba, Mimi IQ and Crumpled City Maps, SwipeGood and Stunner of the Month.

As a fashion blogger, my top pick went to Sabøteur, a menswear brand that prides itself on making “classic, tailored pieces in modern cuts.”  They also emphasize the straightforward tagline, “you’re a man, dress like one.” Feel free to check out their online store and use promo code WELLDRESSED for 15% off


And, if you’re a real man, then you HAVE to check out this waterproof blazer known as the Invincible Jacket. Check out Justin.TV’s Justin Kan rockin’ the jacket as he has water spilled on his shoulder.

If you think that’s mind blowing, then check out Justin and the Invincible Jacket withstanding a car wash!

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