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App Spotlight: The Little Black Book

21 Mar

We have Facebook Timeline to track our social lives, but what about our dating lives? Enter The Little Black Book app, recently created and launched on iTunes by my friend and colleague Jonathan Eppers (@jonathaneppers) in addition to Stace Baal and Tim Watson. Here’s what Jonathan had to say about the app:

“Our take on the black book is quite simple. We built a beautiful and simple way to keep track of everyone we hook up with. Just like follower counts on Twitter and Facebook, your ‘hook up’ count grows with each new entry.

I’ve personally developed enough products at MySpace and, most recently, at eHarmony to know that we’re no different than the users of our services. We like to get around.

Every Little Black Book is completely private and password protected so there’s no excuse not to know your number.”

So, get your hands on the app here, recently #1 Lifestyle app on iTunes, and follow them on Twitter @littleblackbook. You’ll never have to create a silly Excel spreadsheet ever again like a handful of my friends do while juggling the many dating sites out there.

And did you notice something about the app screenshots? Yep, that’s my little picture there next to the name ‘Sarah Parker’! Note: It’s only a mockup 🙂 Also for an added bonus, check out their hookup infographic. It’s a bit racy, but also super informative. Here’s a taste: