How to Leverage Facebook and Your Cell: Who ya gunna call? Savoy’s Hotline!

22 May


Savoy Hotline

If you haven’t heard of the EDM subgenre Lovestep yet, do me a favor: 1) Go to 2) Follow Savoy. So, what is lovestep?

Well, I have the answer from the founding fathers, Savoy, by just giving them a call. The guys told me, all that’s required is a melodic baseline that basically makes you wanna get it on. They asked me if I “concurred.” I said “Yep!” and proceeded to giggle.

Enter the power of Twitter…

Not sure if I’m famous, but it was a nice ego boost 😉 In conclusion, I’m giving Savoy 5 stars for their efforts to reach fans. It’s VERY important to foster those relationships early on and Savoy has it down perfectly.

Want to give them a call too? Here’s the number: 321-8-SAVOY-8. Remember, only call the number when they say it’s open. Check their Facebook and Twitter @SAVOY for the latest.

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