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Fashion Meets Technology in San Francisco

29 Mar

As JC Report explained last week, “the digital revolution is officially here.” In line with this statement, San Francisco is now the home of Fashion Meets Technology, an organization “to connect professionals who perceive tremendous opportunity in, are passionate about, and are compelled to lead major innovation in the fashion industry, by embracing technology.”

I had the pleasure of attending the first kick-off event last week at Cantina SF. The evening was filled with great conversations between fashionistas and ‘istos in PR and marketing, indie fashion labels, designers and techies.

It was insightful to hear brands’ and designers’ perspectives on the fashion landscape as it begins to shift. One of the conversations that stood out was with Cordarounds, a two-man design shop based out of San Francisco. They were kind enough to share their thoughts on keeping up with today’s social media craze. They explained that every week, the brand introduces a new product online with in order for people to keep the Cordarounds brand top of mind. Makes sense, considering social media induces ADD-esq online behavior!

Watch out for the next Fashion Meets Technology event by joining the Facebook group. Hope to see you there!