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Sh*t Fashion Girls Say: The Series

21 Feb

If you’re like me, you CANNOT get enough of these “Sh*t Fashion Girls Say” videos from The Platform — they’re hysterical! That being said, I wanted to post the three videos here for all Consuming PR readers to enjoy whenever they want.

Here are a few of my favorite quotes that I cannot stop referencing in my everyday life:

  • “Who pulled that look? Lisa Frank?”
  • “Little tea pot. Chin down. Eyes up.”
  • “Andre Leon Talley┬áis my spirit animal”
  • “Victoria Beckham is a space alien from planet fashion.”
  • “People were worried about me. I want to be that thin again.”
  • “Hashtag. Chic to the next lev!”
And, without further ado…

For more from The Platform, check out their cute sizzle reel below and subscribe!