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Social Media Brings in NYE Fashion

28 Dec

Gift-giving season is over and we now set our sights on the New Year’s Eve trends. After one day of digesting the holiday dinners and potlucks, we’re now on the search for sequins and shiny fabrics for the best price. Shoppers are looking for a deal and researching through their social media networks to get the inside scoop.

As of two days after Christmas, Nordstrom is strictly pushing NYE accessories through Twitter and Facebook. Rather than publicizing glitzy and expensive dresses, this strategy is right on the money in the current economy. @Nordstrom features cocktail rings for all budgets; an easy fix to accessorize an ensemble without buying an entire new look.

On the other hand, Hayden-Harnett is featuring dresses through social media, but they too are aware of the small pockets after holiday shopping. Posting the day after Christmas, @Hayden_Harnett tweets, “Dresses perfect for NYE and far beyond! http://ow.ly/QcwN.” The Web site features Hayden-Harnett top NYE picks, all with up to 30 percent discounts.

Thinking from the consumer’s perspective is key to social media success. Both Nordstrom and Hayden-Harnett have proactively posted to various social media tools before the work week begins. These brands are anticipating the customer to stop thinking of others the moment Christmas is over. Sadly, their prediction is correct! Consumers move quickly– once holiday shopping ends, NYE shopping begins.

Spring ’10 Fashion Trend Report

4 Oct

We’re in the midst of Spring 2010 Fashion Week around the world and we’ve been blessed with New York, London, Milan and Paris thus far. Check out the current trends to look forward to during the chilly months ahead.

With powdery pastels and tailored jackets, spring brings a more conservative look to consumers giving yet another break in this tired economy. The styles are more tame and reminiscent of the 1940’s when people were also trying to climb out of a recession. Find complete collections from fashion week at Coutorture.



RebeccaTaylor_Blazer_Spring DKNY_Blazer_Spring DVF_Blazer_Spring


White on White

KarlLagerfeld_White_Paris_Spring CharlotteRonson_White_Spring MarcJacobs_White_Spring10


Muted Pastels

Burberry_Pastel_London_Spring TommyHilfiger_Pastel_NewYork_Spring Versace_Pastel_Milan_Spring