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Jump Around!

7 Oct

My #1 favorite pick from every fashion week is…the jumpsuit!

Bring solace to your wardrobe conundrums by investing in a few chic jumpsuits for Spring ’09. I promise, you won’t ever have to worry about piecing together outfits during the unpredictable weather season.

Stylists are catching on to this trend and pulling jumpsuits from designer racks. In the newest issue of OK! Magazine, issue #41, stars like Blake Lively and Amy Adams are red-carpet ready in stylish jumpers.

Shown “on the catwalks of New York, London and Milan so far, there’ve been dozens of all-in-one styles from a wide-reaching sphere of designers,” explains Ruby.

Designers like Jill Stuart, Derek Lam and Stella McCartney are all about the chic one-piece outfits. The Wall Street Journal says, “this seasons jumpsuits, however, are hewing closer to the body, and are taking on more intricate construction than previous billowy styles.”

New York Magazine’s The Cut assures that a “one piece is all you’ll need.” These easy to wear garments are secret weapons when you don’t have the time to pull together an outfit. Jumpsuits can be worn for any occasion; dress them up or dress them down, anytime is a great time for a sophisticated and fun onesie.

I remember when jumpsuits were my go-to outfit at age 6 and, boy, was I comfortable! Now, at age 22, we can reminisce about the good-old-days in a more sophisticated fashion.