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Ralph Lauren Outfits 2008 Olympics

29 Apr

It is very exciting to see such an admired designer outfit U.S.A. representatives. Polo Ralph Lauren has designed outfits for the Opening Ceremony Parade that are reminiscent of his classic 20s and 30s style.

This strategic move will give Ralph Lauren even more staying power in the fashion world. Creating a strong presence around the world will help Ralph Lauren further his brand. According to the The Cut, New York Magazine’s Fashion Blog, “A Ralph Lauren Polo spokesperson admitted to earning under $10 million for the deal. The company’s okay with the paltry sum because the venture provides an opportunity to spread its tentacles to China, where Polo don’t have nearly as much going on as its European counterparts.”

It is a delight to see U.S. citizens embrace his elegant design with the use of clean lines and elegant silhouettes.I hope to see a new trend on the rise after the 2008 Olympics in Beijing. Could this mean that polo shirts and khakis will be more and more prevalent in men’s style? Goodbye to baggy jeans and boxers, hello to pinstripes and ascots. Stay classy, U.S.A.!