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Macy’s Customized QR Codes Delivering Tips From Designers

23 Mar

As many of you have seen by now, Macy’s has kicked off their new in-store QR codes with their Macy’s Backstage Pass campaign. A new mobile consumer initiative, Macy’s Backstage Passes are customized QR codes that deliver video content featuring Macy’s celebrity designers and fashion authorities.

Macy’s videos offer essential tips, trend information and behind-the-scenes looks at collections that will help customers in-store learn more about the brands/designs as they shop. Designers participating include makeup maven Bobbi Brown, Sean “Diddy” Combs, Tommy Hilfiger, Michael Kors, Greg Norman for Tasso Elba, Rachel Roy, Irena Shabayeva for I.N.C., and a host of the nation’s most influential fashion bloggers for Macy’s newest exclusive collection, bar III. Additionally, the campaign will feature content by Martha Stewart and Madonna’s Material Girl in videos.

Many businesses have recently folded QR codes into their social media campaigns and this emerging technology in the U.S. is becoming a very popular must-have with retailers. What are your thoughts on this campaign and the future of QR codes? Do you think they are here to stay?

Want a taste of this before you go into Macy’s and try it out in stores? Check out more on Macy’s efforts in-stores now and atwww.macys.com/findyourmagic. And, for a quick demonstration, just scan the red star code below using a QR code reader on your smart phone and your device will do the rest. You can either scan your computer screen or print the code to scan. Special tip: If you don’t have a QR code reader on your smart phone or video-enabled device, just text “reader” to MACYS (62297) to receive a free QR reader download.

This Backstage Pass below features a quick fashion tip from renowned designer Rachel Roy. Her Backstage Pass codes can be found in-store within Rachel Rachel Roy shops at Macy’s.

I.D.K. About RL QR’s

20 Aug

I don’t know about these Ralph Lauren QR codes.

Forget shopping online, Ralph Lauren makes it even easier to spend your cash on designer threads with a new mobile campaign. Once the consumer has downloaded the proper software from the Ralph Lauren Mobile Web site, they are able to scan QR codes to order clothing in a snap!

One might ask, “what are QR codes?” According to Ralph Lauren, “QR codes are simply two-dimensional bar codes, much like you are accustomed to at the grocery store.”

Stylehive reports that “Polo Ralph Lauren is the first luxury retail brand to launch a major mobile commerce campaign incorporating QR codes.”

Kate Betts at TIME explains, the new technology “promote[s] mobile commerce in the U.S.” and that millions in Japan are already using this form of “point-and-shoot shopping.”

Ralph Lauren sparks an interesting economic question: How will QR’s gain interest when the U.S. economy is facing a recession? Shopping is difficult for me only because I’m trying to cut back on spending and not because of an inconvenience!

Public relations professionals must always remember to evaluate the landscape before implementing a campaign. Target audiences may not be ready for certain strategies and therefore will not respond. Ralph Lauren could be on the cutting edge but it might not be the right time for implementation. Could this be a productive mobile campaign or a fast flop?