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Celebrate The Launch of Refinery29 San Francisco

25 Apr

Planning your week, fashionistas and ‘os? Well, your Thursday is already booked! Refinery29 San Francisco is inviting Consuming PR readers to their Shop Crawl in celebration of their recent launch. Check out the participating boutiques below for more info. Will we see you there?

Model Spotlight: Cameron Lee

14 Apr

(Photo Credit: Bailey Harada Stone)

A few months ago, I had the pleasure of connecting with model Cameron Lee at Fashion’s Night Out. And after hitting it off, I thought it would be fun to share his story with Consuming PR readers! Check out this Q&A below to learn more about Cameron including his most memorable moment, advice for aspiring models and his take on social media in the fashion industry. Enjoy!

Q. What are your favorite designers?

A. Favorite designers are Alexander McQueen, Calvin Klein, Dolce & Gabbana, Levi’s, Betsey Johnson, Versace, Hugo Boss. Also the many local designers like Estrella Tadeo who owns The Mission Statement, a store which houses many old and new native Bay Area designers’ collections.

Q. When did you know you wanted to pursue modeling?

A. I knew that I had an interest in fashion from when I was very young. I became more aware of my appreciation for the idea as I started getting older and was unable to explore it as much as I had wanted because, of my upbringing in a small rural town in southern Wisconsin. It wasn’t until I moved to San Francisco and was trying to figure out how to create some extra income that I actually considered modeling. I replied to a post on Craigslist for a student photographer to see if I would even get a response. I did, and everything has kinda snowballed from there, through networking and collaborating with local photographers, stylist, hair and makeup artists and anyone in between. I have been enjoying every minute of it!

Q. What’s been your most memorable moment so far?

A. I’ve been modeling for more than a year now. My most memorable moment so far is when I was asked to be model for an iStockphoto convention and paired with a female model for a “live” photo shoot where photographers could practice directing. Needless to say, we had to work with a room full of photographers, creative directors and observers. I’ve never had to go through so many emotions in four hours! While it was an amazing learning experience, I now have much more sympathy for caged zoo animals on display. Ha.

Q. How do you think social media will change the modeling industry?

A. I’m amazed at how technology has made our world smaller. People are more connected than ever and it’s allowing people to branch out and communicate with other like-minded people.

Social media allows for people to take control and promote themselves and others without the pressure of outside sources; allowing for more creative control and also the added benefit of immediate response. I definitely feel that social media has enabled me to network and keep in contact with friends/clients much easier than if it never existed. The time is now, so I’m taking advantage of it for all it’s worth!

We are able to follow the lives and endeavors of individuals we may not know, have known or met through social media like Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, etc. Hopefully, I’ve inspired those in my social network to take the chance and become who they want to be by following their dreams.

Q. What is your long term goal in modeling?

A. I have several goals in mind for my future in modeling. My long term goal in modeling is to be published by big name designers.

For now, my short term goal is to network and collaborate with creative individuals who can help teach me more about the industry and possibly help me become a fashion photographer. Hopefully start doing projects that incorporate acting.

Also, I want to have fun! This is my chance to do something that I can show my kids one day — to let them know that I tried something that is hard and that people usually think of as only a dream.

I went to school to pursue a career in art. After years working jobs that seemed to offer not much more than financial stability, I now want to take the time to pursue something creative and that keeps my imagination going. It’s therapeutic for me.

Q. Do have any advice for aspiring models?

A. Never let anyone say you are incapable. I believe in being in control of your own destiny. It was soon after moving to San Francisco that, on my way out of my apartment one morning, I noticed a BMW smashed into the wall right next to the entrance of my apartment building. Life is too short. If I would have walked out of my house at the wrong time, I could have been pinned between the brick and a luxury vehicle.

There will always be people in the world telling you that you’re incapable, but I also believe that there are just as many people who will believe in your abilities.

For more information on booking, check out Look Model Agency. And, for creative collaborations, find Cameron on Model Mayhem.

Slideshow Photo Credit: Nicky Nylon, Bailey Harada Stone, William Perls, digitalHe-Robin Bourbonnais, Jonne C. Johnson

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Marie Claire and MANGO Team Up in San Francisco for a Night of Fashion

4 Nov

This invite  is for me and my readers, so feel free to RSVP to the e-mail found below.

Can’t wait to see you all there!

Levi’s Curve ID Blogger Event

15 Sep

(Photo: Levis.com)

This week, I was fortunate enough to attend the Levi’s (client of Edelman) Curve ID blogger event in San Francisco at the flagship store in Union Square!

It’s a totally innovative campaign where they gathered more than 60,000 3D body scan images from around the world, finding the shapes of women in order to find the key differences. Three major categories came out of their research: Slight Curve, Demi Curve and Bold Curve.

One interesting fact I tweeted out from the event was this: Levi’s (client) talked to woman across the world. 87% said they have a lot of jeans but wish they had one pair that fit. #CurveID.

Check out my time at the event and how much fun it was learning about the new product! By the way, my CurveID is the Bold Curve… and it fit great!

We found our fit!

It was great chatting with Meghan, The Levi’s Girl!

I’m a Bold Curve…

They looked nice.

SVP of Merchandising Explains Levi’s Curve ID

Twitter CEO Evan Williams Fireside Chat

4 Sep

Last night, I had the opportunity to sit front row at a fireside chat with Twitter CEO Evan Williams. The event was put on by Girls in Tech in San Francisco at Kicklabs in the Financial District.

It was such a pleasure to meet Evan and to find out he is just as authentic as Twitter is transparent in sharing public information in real time. He had a few quips I shared through my Twitter handle, @ConsumingPR, I’d like to now share with all of you here:

– Twitter CEO @EV says their T-times, where depts present their work every week, are the linchpin to the company’s success

– Twitter CEO feels that blog posts are better than press releases for announcements (source: @hopmonkey)

– Most successful people are those who are truly themselves. Like Napoleon Dynamite! –  says Twitter CEO

– Why 140 characters? @EV says, It used to be, for SMS, 160 minus user name minus two. But that was too confusing.

– “Just unfollow,” says Twitter CEO @EV to a guy asking what to do when he reads dumb tweets.

– “A lot of things seem strategic in retrospect,” says Twitter CEO. “We didn’t plan the celeb thing on Twitter.”

– “I’m less likely to tweet when I’m drunk,” jokes Twitter CEO

Evan Williams on PR for Twitter

Where Will Twitter Be in 10 Years?

Fashion Meets Technology in San Francisco

29 Mar

As JC Report explained last week, “the digital revolution is officially here.” In line with this statement, San Francisco is now the home of Fashion Meets Technology, an organization “to connect professionals who perceive tremendous opportunity in, are passionate about, and are compelled to lead major innovation in the fashion industry, by embracing technology.”

I had the pleasure of attending the first kick-off event last week at Cantina SF. The evening was filled with great conversations between fashionistas and ‘istos in PR and marketing, indie fashion labels, designers and techies.

It was insightful to hear brands’ and designers’ perspectives on the fashion landscape as it begins to shift. One of the conversations that stood out was with Cordarounds, a two-man design shop based out of San Francisco. They were kind enough to share their thoughts on keeping up with today’s social media craze. They explained that every week, the brand introduces a new product online with in order for people to keep the Cordarounds brand top of mind. Makes sense, considering social media induces ADD-esq online behavior!

Watch out for the next Fashion Meets Technology event by joining the Facebook group. Hope to see you there!

My San Francisco Treat

11 Feb


Photo: view from my apartment window!

As you know, it’s been several weeks without posting to my blog. In the past few weeks, I’ve been a busy bee: making a move to San Francisco and starting a new job at SHIFT Communications. I’m so glad to finally settled in, especially before NYFW explodes into the blogosphere!

Currently working on the consumer team, I am gaining a lot of experience right off the bat and learning all there is to know about SHIFT. Already, I’ve had the pleasure to meet Principal Todd Defren and jump right into working on social media and traditional PR projects.

I’ll be buzzing around the city a lot, so catch me on Twitter @ConsumingPR when you want a dose of Consuming PR! Any fun SF hot spots to recommend?