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Social Customer Service Tips

10 Jun

Below are a few things I like to keep in mind when managing customer service on social. Have any more to add?

  • Recognize in a timely manner. Even if you are unable to quickly answer someone’s question or concern, make sure you at least say you’ll get back to them. This way, they know they’ve been heard and will, hopefully, stay patient.
  • Find a solution. After letting the customer know you’ve heard them, now it’s time to find a solution for them. Act as their partner, rather than someone behind the glass. Asking questions is a good thing, but try to think of all the questions that will give you the right information you’ll need rather than going back and forth. This will save you both time.
  • Take it offline. If the conversation is becoming heated or is taking to many back-and-forth public messages, take it offline. Your community will be happy you did as this could cannibalize message streams. Once they’ve received the necessary information, think about posting to the message stream where the convo all started so that other community members can benefit and see a resolution. 
  • Compensate. Prepare an arsenal of treats. Ask your manager if you can give out coupons codes, free samples/products, etc. when necessary. Of course, these should only be used in the right situation. So, put together a document outlining when it’s deemed appropriate.
  • Record. Remember to track these customer questions and issues so you can determine trends, prepare FAQs, social content, etc. This tracking will also help every team in the organization. For example, if there’s a functionality that’s causing customers grief, you can send this trend over to the developers so they can improve the product. 

Watch Fashion’s Night Out and MADE Fashion Week LIVE on Livestream

6 Sep

As Fashion Week kicks off in NYC, Livestream invites you to experience Fashion Night Out and MADE Fashion Week’s live runway shows on New Livestream. And thank heavens for Livestream as I’m traveling from NYC to SF and back again to NYC on Sunday.

Wherever I am, I’ll be able to get my fix as if I never left… or went to Paris for a night of Vogue’s Paris FNO! See what’s happening both on and off the runway with real-time photos, video clips, and text updates seamlessly integrated with live HD video of the runway shows. Details below – enjoy 🙂

Check out the full schedule here:

Selection of Upcoming Events:
Vogue Paris Fashion Night Out http://new.livestream.com/vogueparis/voguefashionnight
7:00 pm EDT on Thursday, September 6, 2012

Peter Som http://new.livestream.com/madefashionweek/petersom2013
10:00 am EDT on Friday, September 7, 2012

Alexander Wang http://new.livestream.com/madefashionweek/alexanderwang2013
5:00 pm EDT on Saturday, September 8, 2012

The Blonds
9:30 pm EDT on Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Jeremy Scott http://new.livestream.com/madefashionweek/JeremyScott
1:00 pm EDT on Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Fashion Platform Spotlight: Dro.pt

3 May

There’s a new social platform coming to you soon just for launching merchandise online: Dro.pt. This platform enables you to reach retail buyers, bloggers, consumers and stylists through interactive lookbooks shared publicly and privately.

Within the interactive lookbook, users can buy merchandise or click ‘want’ if the merchandise is not yet available. The ‘want’ function is particularly interesting as users are notified the moment it’s in stock.

Right now, they’re in alpha testing and you can request an invite to test. Who knows — they might take a similar approach to Pinterest and keep things in beta while they’re blowing up.

And check them out on Spotify

Women’s Wear Daily CEO Summit: Tory Burch on Social Media

20 Nov

“Social media is about being in the moment.” — Tory Burch, CEO and designer.

Watch Tory speak at the WWD CEO Summit on her company’s use of social media. Her talk is about the impact of social media on telling the Tory Burch brand story and connecting with and creating an engaged community. Enjoy!


Armani Exchange Turns 20 and Launches A|X STYLEPAD App

5 Apr

This  Spring   2011,   A|X   will   launch   A|X   STYLEPAD   –   a   multimedia,   interactive   create- your- own   ad   app   that   gives   exclusive  access  to  the  world  of  A|X  Armani  Exchange.  The  A|X  STYLEPAD  app  will  give  iPhone  and   iPad  users  creative  control  to  design  “their  A|X”,  selecting  the  background,  casting  the  model  from  supplied  images,   and   add   a   personalized   message   by   writing   text   over   the   image   to   create   a   one- of- kind   ad   to   save   or   share   with   friends  on  social  networks.

The   A|X   STYLEPAD  also launches the same year as  A|X  Armani  Exchange  20th  Anniversary.  Giorgio  Armani marks  this  significant  milestone   with   special   seasonal   capsule   collections,   a   series   of   global   events,   exclusive   brand   application   –   A|X   STYLEPAD,  and  a  commemorative  brandmark  of  its  iconic  logo.

A|X  STYLEPAD  feature  will  be  housed  on  the  A|X  Mobile  site  that  will  feature  an  exclusive  A|X  20  Years  of  Style   global  branded  content.  Highlights  will  include  special  A|X  Limited  Edition  Collection  preview,  exclusive  A|X  video,   access  to  the  A|X  Life  section  for  events,  trends,  music,  and  brand  news.

Additional  exposure includes marketing  elements  via  the  A|X  blog,  A|X  social  networks,  A|X  YouTube,  A|X  in- store  promotions,  A|X  text  mobile   marketing,  and  press  materials  covering  this  digital  media  endeavor. With  the  A|X  STYLEPAD  application,  Armani  Exchange  brings  together  three elements:  exclusive  content,   online   entertainment,   and   social   networking . Are you planning on downloading this application?

Currently, both the Chanel app and the Style.com app are on my phone so I can view the latest fashion shows whenever and wherever I may be. The A|X  STYLEPAD  might just join those two. What other fashion apps do you currently use and why?

Founders Series with Charlie Cheever of Quora: Online Knowledge

30 Mar

Tuesday evening, fellow San Francisco Edelman Digital colleague @AliHillman and I attended the Harvard Alumni Founders Series at the University Club of San Francisco where we had the pleasure of meeting Charlie Cheever who co-founded the up-and-coming social network, Quora. The Founders Series occurs every quarter featuring Harvard alumni who have taken the plunge and started their own venture here in the Bay area. Cheever, previously an engineer at Facebook who oversaw the creation of Facebook Connect, presented Quora’s capabilities and what the future holds for online knowledge management systems.

What is Quora?

The Harvard Club of San Francisco described Quora as such:

Founded in June 2009, Quora takes a “Wiki-approach” to questions and answers, effectively downloading high-quality knowledge, facts, and wisdom from some of the Internet’s brightest minds. Want to know the hottest clean tech startups in China? Ask Quora. Want to know where you can rent a baby elephant in the Bay area? Ask Quora. Want to know what the best North Korean restaurant is in Istanbul? Ask Quora.

Essentially, Quora is a social platform where users ask questions and provide answers. While questions all have the same purpose, the types of answers can vary. Cheever organized the types of answers into four buckets:

  • Primary Source Information
  • Analysis
  • Research & Analysis
  • Opinions

Quality & Reusability

Quora is focused on two pillars: quality and reusability.

Just as a community manager moderates a discussion on Facebook or on forums, Quora has a governing body of people who are seen as reliable users. Cheever summed this concept up when he said, “It’s kind of like a city.” There are folks who hold more influence and power than others like city officials.

This group enforces the site’s core principles: be nice and make each question a great resource. The site also places importance on grammar and spelling, so answers require more of an effort. And, aside from the governing body and set of rules, average users have an influence as well. They can vote answers up and down, which helps weed things out.

Now that we’ve covered quality, there’s the concept of reusability. Many people pose different questions, all looking for the same answer; therefore, Quora redirects similar questions to the same question page. This solves the problem of having to sift through content that would have come up in a search result.

Who’s on Quora?

Quora consists of two main groups: people who write questions and people who answer questions. Cheever says the answers group is the most important group because they build the product of Quora. However, there’s also a third group consisting of users who only read questions and answers; people who neither pose questions nor answer. This user group drove Quora to hone in on the concept of reusability.

Now, as a user begins to create their profile in Quora, the have to use your real name, provide a detailed and topic-specific bio. There is no anonymity besides the option of asking questions anonymously. In early iterations, users were able to comment anonymously, but Quora later did away with this feature as it was unhealthy for the site when people began putting down other users.

Note: there is a revision log, so users are able to see who has made edits and how. “This includes the text of questions and the details around them, what topics are attached to which questions, and the summaries of answers. Quora relies on the good faith of everyone using it to make it a high quality resource,” as mentioned on the Quora website.

Another interesting and important feature is that the user profile is deemphasized. Rather, the questions themselves are the focus.

Quora is now seen as a “high-quality resource” mainly because reputable users are actively participating in the space. One audience member asked how Quora has so many revered and trusted folks participating on the site. Cheever said it was like a ripple effect: after him and his colleagues started using it themselves they then naturally invited their friends. Coincidentally, their friends knew other people who were top influencers. He also owes this to their dedication to quality and positive news coverage.

The Space Between

So, where does Quora fit into the social media space? It’s not a Yahoo! Answers; it’s not a Twitter; and, it’s certainly not a Facebook. Quora answers this on its site, “People can follow topics so that the system can show them questions they are interested in and know about. People can follow individual questions too, which creates a waiting audience for anyone who wants to write an answer to the question. Some people call this ‘inverse blogging.’”

That being said, Quora might just fit in the space between social networking sites (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, blogs) and collaborative information sites (e.g., wikis and forums). Cheever explained the purpose of Quora is to draw out the content that would never be a fit on these platforms.

So, Why use Quora?

There are many reasons to use Quora. Of course the most obvious one being it’s a place to gather information — whether it be trying to find the best places to ski or asking the founder of a growing startup what motivates him or her.

But, have you ever thought it might also be a place to build a brand? Cheever explained that Quora can be used as a space where users position themselves as thought leaders while they build a reputation through active participation and building a following similar to Twitter.

Could this be used as a tactic for executive communications or even reputation management? One example of this is from the man himself, Charlie Cheever:

What’s Next for Quora?

Quora isn’t focused on monetization right now and Cheever said they aren’t spending much time on partnerships. He explained they are just looking to build the business. Cheever went on to say the biggest thing right now is the content on the site, which builds a passion among his Quora team. “Intuitively, [focusing on content] seems like a valuable thing to do.”

UPDATE: If you’re looking for stats on Quora, check out this infographic on Mashable: Quora: The Stats Behind the Buzz [INFOGRAPHIC] http://t.co/2WdR7Ko

Macy’s Customized QR Codes Delivering Tips From Designers

23 Mar

As many of you have seen by now, Macy’s has kicked off their new in-store QR codes with their Macy’s Backstage Pass campaign. A new mobile consumer initiative, Macy’s Backstage Passes are customized QR codes that deliver video content featuring Macy’s celebrity designers and fashion authorities.

Macy’s videos offer essential tips, trend information and behind-the-scenes looks at collections that will help customers in-store learn more about the brands/designs as they shop. Designers participating include makeup maven Bobbi Brown, Sean “Diddy” Combs, Tommy Hilfiger, Michael Kors, Greg Norman for Tasso Elba, Rachel Roy, Irena Shabayeva for I.N.C., and a host of the nation’s most influential fashion bloggers for Macy’s newest exclusive collection, bar III. Additionally, the campaign will feature content by Martha Stewart and Madonna’s Material Girl in videos.

Many businesses have recently folded QR codes into their social media campaigns and this emerging technology in the U.S. is becoming a very popular must-have with retailers. What are your thoughts on this campaign and the future of QR codes? Do you think they are here to stay?

Want a taste of this before you go into Macy’s and try it out in stores? Check out more on Macy’s efforts in-stores now and atwww.macys.com/findyourmagic. And, for a quick demonstration, just scan the red star code below using a QR code reader on your smart phone and your device will do the rest. You can either scan your computer screen or print the code to scan. Special tip: If you don’t have a QR code reader on your smart phone or video-enabled device, just text “reader” to MACYS (62297) to receive a free QR reader download.

This Backstage Pass below features a quick fashion tip from renowned designer Rachel Roy. Her Backstage Pass codes can be found in-store within Rachel Rachel Roy shops at Macy’s.