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Zuberance Brand Advocacy Series: How to Turn Word of Mouth Into Sales

1 Nov

(Top to bottom: @consumingpr, @paulharrer, @jeanetteix, @jennakozel, @britopian)

On Tuesday, I had the pleasure of attending the Zuberance Brand Advocacy Series: How to Turn Word of Mouth and Social Media into Sales.

The panelists included Michael Brito (@Britopian and britopian.com), VP of social media at Edelman Digital; Rob Fuggetta (@Zuberance), founder & CEO of Zuberance; Tony Lee (@TiVo), VP of marketing at TiVo; and Becky Brown (@beckyannbrown), director of social media strategy at Intel. Also, the panelist moderator was VentureBeat Writer Anthony Ha (@anthonyha).

Here are a few key takeaways from the panel discussion:

  • Zuberance found 61 percent of their client’s customers are highly likely to recommend the brand. According to Rob Fuggetta, a brand advocate is defined as, “a highly satisfied customer who talks about the brand without paying them.”
  • The panelists agreed that every brand has advocates and you find these people through drawing them out in a community. Michael Brito said it’s important to understand that “consumers trust each other.”
  • Zuberance said that the “ultimate question” used to finding your brand advocates is, “How likely are you to recommend the brand to a friend or colleague?”
  • Michael Brito explained the big difference between influencers and brand advocates is that “most influencers require an incentive” while brand advocates usually do not.
  • Becky Brown at Intel made a great point when she said, “Social media gives you the ability to fail to repair and prepare to fail.”

After the event, my good friend Tori Herbst, who blogs at The Shopkeeper, boiled the discussion down to one important key learning when she said, “It’s all on a case-by-case basis.” From my experience, the route to finding brand advocates in social media is always going to be very different for each brand and/or company.

Becky Brown also said social media doesn’t have a specific formula – it’s like a party and all parties have a lot of different factors in creating a good time. Even Tony Lee from TiVo said that he’s made a lot of mistakes, but he’s proud of it because social media allows you to fail quickly and cheaply allowing you to learn a lot and create better strategy.

All in all, this event was jam packed with not only great minds, but also great food and wine – and you gotta love that! So, what is brand advocacy to you? And, what are the best ways to turn word of mouth marketing into sales? Share your thoughts here and comment on this post – I’d love to hear from you!

And, be sure to check out the video below to get Michael Brito’s take on taking action on the social web and creating advocacy. Also, for a full recording of the event, visit blog.zuberance.com.


Twitter CEO Evan Williams Fireside Chat

4 Sep

Last night, I had the opportunity to sit front row at a fireside chat with Twitter CEO Evan Williams. The event was put on by Girls in Tech in San Francisco at Kicklabs in the Financial District.

It was such a pleasure to meet Evan and to find out he is just as authentic as Twitter is transparent in sharing public information in real time. He had a few quips I shared through my Twitter handle, @ConsumingPR, I’d like to now share with all of you here:

– Twitter CEO @EV says their T-times, where depts present their work every week, are the linchpin to the company’s success

– Twitter CEO feels that blog posts are better than press releases for announcements (source: @hopmonkey)

– Most successful people are those who are truly themselves. Like Napoleon Dynamite! –  says Twitter CEO

– Why 140 characters? @EV says, It used to be, for SMS, 160 minus user name minus two. But that was too confusing.

– “Just unfollow,” says Twitter CEO @EV to a guy asking what to do when he reads dumb tweets.

– “A lot of things seem strategic in retrospect,” says Twitter CEO. “We didn’t plan the celeb thing on Twitter.”

– “I’m less likely to tweet when I’m drunk,” jokes Twitter CEO

Evan Williams on PR for Twitter

Where Will Twitter Be in 10 Years?

Flipboard: Using the Rules of Print

23 Jul

Could Flipboard give fashion magazines a run for their money? Think about using Flipboard if you follow a majority of fashion bloggers…it could look like your own personal fashion magazine!

The Death of Advertising

25 Mar

With social media quickly reinventing the way people communicate, this might just be the future of advertising agencies. Yikes!

The Last Advertising Agency On Earth from FITC on Vimeo.

My San Francisco Treat

11 Feb


Photo: view from my apartment window!

As you know, it’s been several weeks without posting to my blog. In the past few weeks, I’ve been a busy bee: making a move to San Francisco and starting a new job at SHIFT Communications. I’m so glad to finally settled in, especially before NYFW explodes into the blogosphere!

Currently working on the consumer team, I am gaining a lot of experience right off the bat and learning all there is to know about SHIFT. Already, I’ve had the pleasure to meet Principal Todd Defren and jump right into working on social media and traditional PR projects.

I’ll be buzzing around the city a lot, so catch me on Twitter @ConsumingPR when you want a dose of Consuming PR! Any fun SF hot spots to recommend?

Social Media Brings in NYE Fashion

28 Dec

Gift-giving season is over and we now set our sights on the New Year’s Eve trends. After one day of digesting the holiday dinners and potlucks, we’re now on the search for sequins and shiny fabrics for the best price. Shoppers are looking for a deal and researching through their social media networks to get the inside scoop.

As of two days after Christmas, Nordstrom is strictly pushing NYE accessories through Twitter and Facebook. Rather than publicizing glitzy and expensive dresses, this strategy is right on the money in the current economy. @Nordstrom features cocktail rings for all budgets; an easy fix to accessorize an ensemble without buying an entire new look.

On the other hand, Hayden-Harnett is featuring dresses through social media, but they too are aware of the small pockets after holiday shopping. Posting the day after Christmas, @Hayden_Harnett tweets, “Dresses perfect for NYE and far beyond! http://ow.ly/QcwN.” The Web site features Hayden-Harnett top NYE picks, all with up to 30 percent discounts.

Thinking from the consumer’s perspective is key to social media success. Both Nordstrom and Hayden-Harnett have proactively posted to various social media tools before the work week begins. These brands are anticipating the customer to stop thinking of others the moment Christmas is over. Sadly, their prediction is correct! Consumers move quickly– once holiday shopping ends, NYE shopping begins.

Baby Phat Engages Facebook Fashionistas

17 Apr


Baby Phat is holding its first ever Baby Phat “Fab Photo” Contest until April 22. Since April 8, Baby Phat Facebook fans have been styling and posting photos of their most fabulous looks.

Fans of the Baby Phat Facebook fan page are invited to submit a photo of themselves wearing their favorite Baby Phat outfit to contest@phatfashions.com.

One Grand Prize winner receives a $500 Baby Phat wardrobe and the opportunity to have their name and photo posted on the Baby Phat Facebook fan page! Please keep in mind that this contest is exclusive to fans of the Baby Phat Facebook page.

All entries must include their name, e-mail address, telephone number and include a close-up photograph of themself taken within the last 30 days. All photos should be in one of the following formats: .jpg, .pdf, .tiff, or .bmp. All photo entries submitted will also go into Kimora’s personal fan photo album.

So, get going and channel your “fabulosity!”